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We focus on creating harmony between the physical and eCommerce retailing channels, with each sharing customer data and journeys, unlocking opportunities to better target consumers with compelling product and brand offers, delivering a more relevant, amplified human experience.

Category Behaviour Analysis

Our role is to unlock the complete value of the customer, and to do so, it’s critical to develop a clear understanding of what is happing inside your category, to help us identify where the opportunities are. We look at the trends, the behaviours, the drivers of purchase, the barriers of purchase, the competitors current and emerging, the future. 


Consumer Personas 

We take a deep-dive into your data set, first party or other, to determine a clear picture of your target segment's personas. We help you understand your targets need states, their behaviours, media usage, beliefs and opinions, barriers and drivers of category / product purchase and loyalty triggers.


Customer Journey Mapping 

We carefully design a blueprint to map the pathway for your consumers purchase journey in a non-linear fashion. Barriers to purchase, emotional states, and gaps in the purchase journey are identified. We outline the ways the brand needs to communicate and behave along the customer journey  to overcome those barriers and create a loyalty loop, or pave the way for social growth and market acceptance.


Customer Experience Strategy

We conduct in market user research top determine the gaps in your customers current experience of your brand or business vs your desired experience. We develop a CX blueprint to identify ways to ensure your CX is optimised across all your channels creatively, personally and emotionally. 

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